A simple and friendly calculator.

Made for those tired of the same old calculator experience.


Handy and Accurate.  

While other calculators add un-desired features, that lead you to frustration, MathJoy keeps it simple and clean. It’s easy and fun to use – in every screen size, in any orientation.



Order of Operations.

MathJoy respects operator precedence – the established rules that define which operations are calculated before others in a mathematical expression. 


Great for iPad.

Since MathJoy is a universal app, you’ll enjoy the same stress-free experience on the iPad. And considering the iPad does not have a calculator, MathJoy will fill that gap.


What Customers Think

”It feels like it looks. It has a familiar feeling, something like what I experienced when playing with my Game Boy. I can't image how much kids and adults will enjoy using this calculator.”
– Gabriel Colon-Amador, App Store Review
”Great app. Elegant, fun and brisk simplicity. I even feel happier calculating my bill payments.”
– Reviewer Pasajero, App Store Review
”Much more visually appealing than the one I was using. I love the simple shapes and pretty colors. Very easy to use and handles all my daily on the go calculations with perfect accuracy.“
– mpcolada, App Store Review
“[...] It’s very convenient to be able to see the complete operation that I typed, because I can verify that I entered everything correctly and expect the correct result. This gives me peace of mind.”
– YazCG, App Store Review

Available for every iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch – running iOS 8 or later.